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My photography journey started over 10 years ago working in the fashion industry, I am drawn to sleek, editorial, luxurious wedding portraits but with a relaxed, candid and in the moment twist so each gallery is unique to you as a couple. With all of my photography I try to avoid set poses and just artistically capture the moments whilst guiding you to the best light when needed. I have photographed families for over 6 years and I adore capturing the emotional connection that comes from welcoming a newborn baby into the family. Sharing this magically intimate time & connecting with my clients is so special to me and at the heart of my business. So when I was asked to photograph the wedding of a family I had captured for years I was honoured and so excited to say YES!... And so in 2019 my love story with weddings began, just as I had mastered holding back the happy tears when photographing newborns, I added in the new challenge of keeping it together through the wedding speeches. 

Take a look at my family photography over at my Bumble Bee site.

Bumble Bee Baby Photography By Estelle 


I love living by the coast, the beach is my happy place. Two wild little girls call me mummy, we love outdoor adventures exploring lakes, mountains and beaches. Sometimes I love getting dressed up, wearing heels with a glass of wine in hand but sometimes walking boots are my favourite shoes to wear. Fun/random fact, during lockdown we converted an ex ambulance into our dream family camper van! When I say 'we'  it was mostly Andy (although he will be shocked I admit this publicly).  

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